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A very christmassy event at Selfridges London.

When Amirah contacted me for an event photography assigment in Selfridges only a few hours before Christmas, I imediately felt that I was embarking on an excitng and fascinating journey. Amirah's passion for event planning and taste for luxurious brands were contagious. Amirah explained to me that she constantly bring the best of the world fashion and luxury industry to Koweit. This time she needed to promote the work of Jane Means, a famous wrapping artist and ruban desginer in the UK, with regards of her future courses in Koweit City. To make the story appealing to the future clients in Koweit, I decided to follow Jane during her gift wrapping sessions at Selfridges Oxford Street (for two famous French cosmetic and perfume brands). In addition, I embarked Jane and Amirah for a demanding photoshoot in Oxford Street, Hyde Park and Marybelone, at night, in between showers, and early in the morning the following day. With all our efforts combined, I captured some of the most enchanting views of London!

You can follow Amirah on twitter @AmirahAlshaalan.

Jane Means website:

#eventphotography #giftwrapping #selfridges #london #luxury

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