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Travel photos featured on conference website

If you are interested in Forest science, you might be aware of the "International Forestry Student's Symposium" (IFSA), to be held in Vancouver and several places in British Columbia (Canada) in August 2014. The IFSA is the largest student conference of forestry and forest-related sciences in the world. You probably wonder how this is related to me?

During my recent trip to Canada for Anita & Felix wedding, I took advantage to this unique wedding location to capture a couple of landscapes and cityscapes around Vancouver and the English bay. I especially loved the Lighthouse Park in North Vancouver, with its iconic white and red lighthouse and magnificient cedar forest. I was inspired my the powerful cedar fragrance exuding from these giant trees, and blending with the Pacific spray. The lighting was very special too, with a constelation of golden sunlight reflections on the cedar trees foliage, giving the photos a captivating tone depth.

Some of this photos caught the eye of the Co-Chair of the IFSA at the University of Bristish Columbia and they are now part of the slideshow of the IFSA website home page : Would you recognize them?

You can also view these photos on my travel photography portfolio or in my full BC/Vancouver Flickr album.

#news #travelphotography #stockphotography #britishcolumbia

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