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Destination wedding in Vancouver, Canada.

As a destination wedding photographer, I love discovering new ways of celebrating the union of two persons in love. I love to discover new patterns of wedding celebration accross different cultural groups in the world.

This summer, it was a great pleasure to travel to Vancouver, Canada for Anita & Felix's wedding. Anita and Felix are enriching people, with humble down-to-earth personalities. They were surrounded by their generous and loving family and friends who came from all parts of North America, Asia, and Europe.

candid photo bride before wedding ceremonya
bride and bridesmaids
bride entering the church

I felt privileged to be immersed in the intimacy of their wedding ceremony, while witnessing the three pillars of a Chinese wedding: generousity, simplicity, conviviality.

happy and smiling groom
bride and father entering church

bride and maid of honour
laughing bride in church

Before the ceremony Anita told me that the ring bearer would be very special and that I would need to be ready to catch him! This was indeed a very special moment for our dog loving Bride.

dog ring bearer

Anita and Felix are now starting their married life in the US where I am sure they will nest happily for many years to come.

wedding magazine candid photo

Above: the Wedding Times

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