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Do you travel for weddings?

Yes. I love travelling and will go anywhere in the world to document your wedding.


Do you do pre-wedding photoshoot / engagement shoot?

Yes.  It is entirelly up to the Bride and Groom if they prefer a pre-wedding shoot or not.

I also offer engagement and pre wedding photo sessions to couples who live abroad but travel to London or Paris.


I leave abroad and want to have a photoshoot in London during my holidays trip. Is this possible?

Yes! I love to organise photo sessions for tourists around famous London landmarks all year round (Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, South Bank...). I am also a good tour guide!


When do you send the photographs?

I aim to deliver all the photographs online within 2 weeks.


Do you limit the number of photos you take?

No. There is no limit on how many photos are delivered, no limit to how much you can print.


My budget is limited, can you still cover my wedding?

Yes. This is why you can find several wedding packages on this website.


Do you only shoot weddings?

No. I love weddings but I also love pre wedding, engagement and wedding anniversary photo sessions. I am available for public and corporate events and offer photo shoots to individuals, couples, young parents, famillies, pregnant women, and even... pets! 


Who can do a photo shoot?

Anyone! Most of my clients have no previous experience. I am here to guide you.
I am happy to offer fashion and model photo shoots to beginners.


Can we use your photos for marketing or advertising?

Yes, but you will need to purchase a license for this.
The cost of the licence depends on several parameters related to how you want to use the photos. Please, give me a call or send me an inquiry by email if you need a quote. Alternatively, you can browse my collection of stock photos on Getty Images here.


Do you backup your photographs?

Yes, all the photographs I take during an event are automatically copied on a second memory card. At home, all my photos are continuously backuped on an encrypted storage server. If you lose your engagement or wedding photographs, you will be able to download them directly from my server to your own computer.


Which equipment do you use?

I use professionnal full frame Nikon cameras and lenses.


Where are you based?

I'm based in central London (UK) but often travel to Paris to meet with my French clients,

and also my friends and family.


Do you speak only English?

No, I speak French and English both fluently.


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