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About Alexandre Moreau Photography


Alexandre Moreau is a professional wedding photographer in London shooting locally and abroad for destination weddings.

As a freelance photographer in London, he is also in demand as a public event photographer and corporate photographer as well as shooting portraits and stock photos.

Alexandre spent his childhood days in a bohemiam Paris, inspired by the Latin Quarter and Montmartre. Summer holidays were spent in the countryside, in a farm or at the grandparents by the Atlantic Ocean. Alexandre is inspired by the precious intimate moments with his family and the unique digital world of photography to produce modern fine art photography. Photographs are a timeless way of preserving all the senses in a given moment.  With rare energy, sharp eyes, and immaculate technique, Alexandre aims to capture what is most beautiful, spontaneous, and intriguing with his camera to deliver perfection to all his clients.


Alexandre's talent was recognized by international experts early on in 2012, when he received an award from the World Photography Organization for his work on digitally enhanced photography. 

Alexandre's curiosity and passion for travel and adventure has helped him to produce outstanding landscape and cityscape images as well as creative, abstract, and still images. 
Alexandre's photographs are in demand by the leading stock photography agency Getty Images and have been used commercially by several corporations worldwide including: Visa Inc, Thomas Cook, Times Inc, and Royal Mail UK.

Alexandre is bilingual in French and English. If you are interested in having any customized photo work done in London, Paris or anywhere else in the world, please get in touch by using the
contact form.


For more information about Alexandre's philosophy of wedding photography, visit the wedding and engagement section.


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